The Cannabis Science Fair 2023

An afternoon of cannabis science exhibition and exploration.

A Showcase for Cannabis Research

Styled after the school fairs that ignited our scientific passions, The Cannabis Science Fair will showcase some of the great cannabis science and innovation taking place in New England. This event will bring universities, hospitals, researchers, chemists, and medical practitioners together for an evening of cannabis science exhibition and exploration that will fuel collaboration and shine a spotlight on our expanding knowledge and understanding of cannabis.

Event Details

December 9, 2023
Harvard Science Center 1 Oxford St Cambridge, MA 02138

Save Your Spot

This event is free & open to the public but registrations are required.

Submit Your Project

Working on some interesting research, developing a new product, or have an invention you'd like to show off? Submit a proposal to showcase your work in front of other like-minded scientists, researchers, and innovators.
Deadline: October 13, 2023

Our Sponsors

Medical Cannabis Program Resilience in the Era of Adult-Use Cannabis Legalization: A Tale of Three Medical Programs
Julie Johnson, Alexander Colby and Graelyn Humiston
Cannabis Control Commission
Inhalation Device: A look into Storage, Transportation, & Delivery of Cannabis Inhalation Devices
Dr. Uma Dhanabalan
Clarity Pen
Cannabis: Retinal Processing
Denise A. Valenti, Xueling Zou, David Calixte, Trevor Koppy, Rhoda Nankabirwa, and Allen Mello
What We Find and Where: Molecular Tools for Fungal Identification in Cannabis
Michael Esposito
MCR Labs
Residual Solvents: Mitigating Laboratory Contamination – A New Approach
Jini Glaros, Wyatt Bergel, and Vincent Colonna
Modern Canna Labs
Effects of Ice Water Extraction on Essential Oils
Samual Adam
CNA Stores
Insane in the Membrane- Using Nanodiscs to Study the Endocannabinoid System
Samantha Hilston, Nikolai Zvonok, and Alexandros Makriyannis
Center for Drug Discovery, Northeastern University
Evolution of a Multi-Source, Bipolar HPLC/MS/MS/MS Method to Analyze Pesticide and Mycotoxin Residues in Cannabis Matrices: A Tale of Three States
Soren N. Eustis, Ph.D.
MCR Labs
Research in Progress: The Most Inclusive and Comprehensive Cannabis Use Study to Date
Riley Kirk, PhD & Miyabe Shields, PhD
The Network of Applied Pharmacognosy
Ozone Treatment: Preserving Terpene and Cannabinoid Potency for Cleaner Quality Cannabis.
Kevin Casey, Carly Bader, And Karen Quinto
Willow Industries
Addressing Data Manipulation in Lab Testing: Challenges and Solutions
Yasha Kahn
MCR Labs
Cannabis Reclaim Characterization: A Systematic Exploration of Material Constituents, Temperature Variables, Chemical Constituents, and Their Collective Effects on Consumption-Related Phenomena
Kate Avruch & Sohan Shen
AI Unleashed: A Game-Changer for Cannabis Compliance and Efficiency
James Bo Keyes
Decoding Humidity: The Next Frontier in Sustainable Cannabis Storage
Wilson Huang and Sandra Shen
ATMOSIScience Inc.
View last year’s fair at the Harvard Science Center.
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