MCR'S COVID-19 RESPONSE: We have updated our facilities and procedures for enhanced safety.
Our values

Our core values are what drove us to establish MCR Labs, and they have guided our mission ever since. They are what make us more than a testing lab by steering our company toward prioritizing safety, equality, education, and partnership within the community. 

Public Health and Safety

At MCR Labs, public safety is the heart of our mission. Our primary goal is to serve as a reliable provider of accurate potency and purity data on cannabis products so patients and recreational consumers can make informed decisions regarding their cannabis consumption. 

A Fair and Equitable Industry

The still-young cannabis industry has been able to take root only after decades of oppression within marginalized communities targeted and terrorized by the war on drugs. It is our responsibility as a cannabis entity to ensure these communities are prioritized and afforded equal opportunity to join and benefit from the industry. Read more on our efforts to promote an equitable industry here

Speakers from our November 2019 job fair “Cultivating an Industry: A Cannabis Career Fair” pose together after discussing how to establish a socially-conscious and responsible cannabis industry. Keep an eye out for similar events in the future.

An Educated & Empowered Consumer Base

For too long federal prohibition has inhibited necessary research into cannabis, its psychoactive effects, and its medicinal benefits. As our journey toward a deeper understanding of this complex plant is just beginning, we at MCR Labs feel it is our duty to share the knowledge and insights we currently have. It is vital consumers learn about the plant, so they may understand the benefits and limitations of cannabis, and inform their own cannabis consumption choices. This exploration serves to enhance interactions with cannabis and helps break down the harmful stigmas that have plagued its perception for decades.

A Supportive and Nurturing Workplace Culture

From the beginning, MCR Labs has worked hard to encourage a workplace culture that fosters collaboration, open and honest communication, inclusivity, and opportunity. From competitive and progressive benefits to events and perks that promote employee engagement, MCR strives to prioritize employee health, happiness, and success.

MCR staff pose together for our December 2019 Ugly Sweater Day

Commitment to Community 

We at MCR Labs recognize how important community is to the health and well-being of not only our company but the industry as a whole. We are committed to giving back to the cannabis community, the Massachusetts community, and the broader New England community by donating our time, money, and resources. 

The crew posing with some supplies from our September 2019 Back-To-School Drive. All supplies were donated to Schools on Wheels, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting children impacted by homelessness.

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