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Founded in 2013, MCR Labs began testing for a small number of caregivers and patients who were certified under Massachusetts’ then-nascent Medical Marijuana Program. As the cannabis industry grew and matured, so too did MCR Labs, starting with ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation in 2014, state certification by the DPH in 2015, and finally licensure from the CCC to test cannabis products for both the Medical and Adult Use Marijuana programs in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 2018.

Now a company of nearly 150 employees and counting across multiple states, we provide compliance testing to hundreds of cultivators and product manufacturers throughout the North East while also pursuing opportunities to expand into additional legal cannabis markets. More importantly, MCR Labs has established itself as a trusted name throughout the cannabis industry as well as a reliable source of education, insight, and data for experienced consumers and cannabis newcomers alike.


MCR Labs tested many of the first home grown and professionally crafted legal cannabis products on the East Coast and now screens thousands of products weekly from producers around the region. This experience has enabled the organization to build an extensive and comprehensive dataset of potency and safety-related testing results that serve as a powerful tool for pushing the industry forward and helping the community grow.

Not only can this data be used for identifying trends among products in the marketplace, but it’s also critical for helping to troubleshoot sources of contamination that can impact cultivation practices and threaten consumer safety. In this way, MCR Labs acts as a true partner to growers, researchers, and the community of cannabis patrons and advocates.

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