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Inhalation Device: A look into Storage, Transportation, & Delivery of Cannabis Inhalation Devices

Dr. Uma Dhanabalan – Clarity Pen


Inhalation consumption of cannabis extracts allow for a quick onset of relief. Making it an attractive remedy for those weaning off opioids and other narcotics. In addition, due to discrete nature can be used throughout one’s ADLs (average daily living) activities.

When hand-held vaporizers gained mainstream acceptance in the e-cig industry, cannabis operators quickly turned to try and fill the cannabinoids into the device for sale. The compounds used in a cannabis extraction were far different from the added and reintroduced methods the e-cig space was seeing, with-it carrier agents and artificial flavorings. Despite these first concerns, manufacturing overseas along with cannabis operators begun to tailor and critique these devices to properly inhale cannabis extracts. Immediately after, the traditional “Japanese cotton” was tossed and traded in for a ceramic cell heating element.

Today, even (6 years later) this style of pre-filled (activated) cartridges keeps a 510 threaded connector and are still the most popular.


After years of development and IP protection, the Clarity Pen® system engaged global leaders to confirm these deficits the inhalation technology was lacking. When used to transport and store medical extracts. The end-user has been lacking the efficacies of the compounds due to the degradation the “pre-activated” cartridges were contributing to. These observations were further supported by additional 3rd party published studies.


The Clarity Pen® inhalation device allows end-users to obtain borosilicate glass lab ampoule storing extracts from the lab. They then can take control and interface the ampoule with a 510-thread chassis, activating the medicine at the point of delivery. Additionally, Clarity Pen® system is modeled to have significant advantages sustaining non-subjective testing the maturing industry is seeking.

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