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Cannabis – Shifting Perceptions Of Plant Medicine

By Peter Glantz at Howl’s Tinctures


With legal cannabis becoming increasingly accessible, a growing number of people have the opportunity to experience the health benefits of cannabis plant medicine for the first time. Simultaneously, newly developed extraction techniques rooted in a pharmaceutical, molecular isolation approach to medicine have become dominant in the industry for formulations and economic efficiency. Yet, research and anecdotal evidence indicates that formulations that mirror the source flower’s diverse cannabinoid and terpene profile result in the highest efficacy and reduced tolerance buildup for a large segment of the population.

As a patient and caregiver, Howl’s Tincture founder Peter Glantz developed formulations using traditional infusion techniques rooted in 5000 years of documented history (and likely before then). The results are cannabis tinctures that reflect the effects of the source strain.

This demonstration will tell the story of lab testing, patient feedback, and citizen science that resulted in the discovery of these strain specific, nearly non-destructive formulations now relied on by tens of thousands of people. It hopes to provide a model for cannabis medicine development that combines historic practices, supportive patient and caregiver laws, and modern science to achieve results that serve communities in need of safe and effective cannabis plant medicine.


The method combines patient needs, historical research, scientific collaboration, plant medicine culture, and lab testing to capture the full profile of the plant – both on a molecular and a cultural level.


The results are formulations that mirror and preserve the source flower’s cannabinoid and terpene profile using traditional techniques that are nearly as efficient as cannabinoid isolation extraction methods.


A patient and traditional focused formulation process by citizen scientists can generate formulations that maintain the benefits of the flower’s over 100 cannabinoids and dozens of terpenes without molecular isolation and reformulation. The result is an affirmation of the efficacy of traditional knowledge and practice in creating cannabis tincture formulations. Like cannabis itself, the result of joining traditional practice and scientific testing is a change in perception of medicine, culture, and product development that can benefit patients, Adult Use consumers, and businesses.

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