The Evolving Cannabis Industry: Trends and Where We’re Heading

An educational Cannabis Awareness Month event.

This event will cover the biggest changes in the industry since legalization in MA and will focus on the vision for the future. We will begin with presentations from MCR Labs’ directors of business development & scientific operations and will end with a panel discussion featuring professionals from different segments of the cannabis space.

Click the link below to view a recording of this event:

Jon Wani
VP of Business Development at MCR Labs
Scott Churchill
Vice President of Scientific Operations, MCR Labs
Grant Smith
President of The Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition
Dr. Jill Becker
Attending Physician at Inhale MD
Jessica Bartlett
Reporter at Worcester Business Journal
Shanel Lindsay
Founder and CEO of Ardent Life
Noni Goldman
COO of The Hubcraft

Event Details

April 22, 2021

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