You are the producers and providers of cannabis products. You want your products to be safe, effective, and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

MRC Labs is here to help.

A Trusted Partner

MCR Labs is an ISO-17025 accredited laboratory built to meet the strict cannabis testing requirements set by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. What sets us apart is our drive to be your trusted partner, helping you grow your business and navigate the evolving regulatory landscape.

Our goal is to supply you with consistently accurate data as quickly and reliably as possible so that you can guarantee the safety and quality of your products.  Having products screened for contaminants and knowing the chemical profile gives providers the ability to ensure safe consumption that satisfies a wide range of patient needs.

Going above and beyond is the norm for us. You can rely on MCR Labs to work with you to resolve any issues that you encounter, such as understanding regulatory requirements and data analysis.

If you’d like to test with us, let’s start the discussion. Contact us here, email us at, or call (508) 872-6666.

Our promise to dispensaries

What’s good for you is good for the customers and the Massachusetts MMJ community as a whole, us included.
Our job, and our focus, is to help you run your business using accurate science, data analysis, and excellent customer service.

-Michael Kahn, President of MCR Labs

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