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Our Commitment to Aiding the Fight Against Systemic Racism

As stewards of the community devoted to public health and safety, we at MCR Labs condemn all acts of police violence which threaten the safety and wellbeing of citizens seeking nothing more than the fair treatment and justice promised to them by the laws which govern us all.

We are deeply saddened and outraged not only by the cruel treatment and murder of George Floyd but also by the persistent failure to address systemic inequities, which led to his suffering and that of countless others before him. 

Mr. Floyd’s murder is the most recent evidence proving that safety, security, and the right to pursue happiness remain out of reach for the Black community. However, it is far from the only sign that injustice and racism continue to corrupt the ideals of equality and tolerance we must strive for as a nation. 

As members of the cannabis community, we are acutely aware of the devastating effect the war on drugs has had and continues to have on communities of color. It is in the name of this war that heinous acts of police brutality have been carried out, and it continues to serve as an excuse for unjustly incarcerating Black Americans at a rate six times higher than that of white Americans.

These unacceptable elements of prejudice and bigotry within our criminal justice system serve only to tear families apart and traumatize Black communities. In the wake of unlawful violence perpetrated against peaceful protesters by police forces across the nation, we must acknowledge our shared responsibility to demand an end to policies and practices which disproportionately harm Black Americans.

Looking critically at our own young industry, we see how decades of unchecked systemic racism serve to undermine the ability of those most affected by the war on drugs to pursue opportunities within the cannabis space. We recognize that privilege played a crucial role in providing the resources and advantages necessary to establish MCR Labs and accept that we have a duty to lift up those who haven’t had these same opportunities.

As a company, we have historically supported equity within our industry by donating monthly to advocacy groups, establishing scholarships directed at communities impacted by the war on drugs, and empowering minority entrepreneurs with the information and resources to grow their businesses.

We remain committed to making the cannabis industry more equitable and will continue to stand alongside our community partners to demand change that guarantees a chance for Black Americans to prosper, not just in the cannabis sphere but in all ways of life. We implore all of our friends and partners to do the same.

Today, MCR Labs is pledging $10,000 spread among several organizations committed to fighting racial disparities. These include:

We will also be matching all donations made by any members of our team to these organizations or causes, as well as doubling our monthly contributions to local advocacy groups from $1,500 to $3,000.

Money alone will not solve these problems. Collective action and unwavering support for those most severely affected must persist until policies of systemic racism are abolished.

With love and support,

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