The Mission of MCR Labs:

“To advance public safety through leading-edge chemical analysis of cannabis products and unparalleled guidance and support for partners, regulators, and the community at large.”

The core of our experience comes from contract research organizations (CROs) in the pharmaceutical industry. This means that we are experts in:

  • Regulatory compliance – cGMP (current good manufacturing practice) is the stringent regulatory framework used in the pharmaceutical industry and trusted by the FDA. We base our systems on this framework, adapted to the international ISO-17025 format. Therefore, we will be ready for any regulations that are placed on the industry going forward to assist our clients with a seamless transition into a federally regulated product when the time comes.
  • Analytical method development – we can adapt to any new standards that are required now or in the future by regulatory agencies or is of interest for R&D purposes.
  • Formulation and extraction – we have experience analyzing many molecules in a variety of different matrices.

We are using effective methodologies developed in the pharmaceutical field and applying them to a wide variety of MMJ compounds and matrices. Our CRO background within the pharmaceutical industry makes us flexible in application and knowledgeable in regulatory compliance to an extent unmatched by any other subfield in the industry.

At MCR Labs we are creating a testing environment on par with the highest degree of fidelity found in the pharmaceutical industry to help ensure the safety and quality of available MMJ products in accordance with the regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Health.

Accreditation & Certifications: