I have used MCR Laboratories for the past two years while running cannabis production facilities in Massachusetts. I could not be happier with their service, professionalism, trusted test results, and their ability to go above and beyond whenever we have had any issues. They have always completed testing in a quick efficient manner and have been a valued resource for a variety of questions we have thrown their way.
Seth Y. - Cultivation Professional/Consultant
Awesome people and great service...I always feel like the lab techs care about me and my product as well as the fairly done testing where I truly believe the results.
Peter H. - Patient/Caregiver
Great guys and extremely dedicated and knowledgeable in analytical science.
Scott M. - RMD Operator
I learned more about marijuana from attending one event at MCR than I've learned in 10 years of smoking. It was amazing to see the lab up close and I really enjoyed hearing their lectures and reading the booklet they put together.
Rachel D. - Consumer
MCR Labs has been a pleasure to work with and every team member I have met has been professional, knowledgeable and tremendously accommodating. The entire Massachusetts cannabis industry . . . is lucky to have a such a high quality, independent lab spearheading Cannabis research in the commonwealth.
Charlie Y. - RMD Operator
So cool to see a lab report for the plants I grew! I didn't really know what to expect going in, but submitting my sample was super easy and they answered all my questions and helped me understand the final report.
Jeff P. - Home Grower
Great people to deal with, always helpful. Getting to check out the lab and talk with the scientists! They are on the cutting edge! Big ups to MCR Labs.
Jason S. - Patient
I didn't know how much I needed their help, but I'm so glad I came to MCR. My first products tested were no where near where I wanted them to be, but Jon and they others helped me figure out what was happening so I could dial in potency numbers. Thanks, guys!
Maggie B. - Edibles Maker/Entrepreneur