Terpenes are the chemical compounds that are partially responsible for the aroma and taste associated with different strains or breeds of cannabis. Along with cannabinoids, they play a synergistic role in creating the physical and mental effects that are felt under the influence of cannabis.

They are present in different levels and combinations in the various cannabis products on the market today. Knowing the terpene profile of different strains allows patients and doctors to more accurately predict how a cannabis product might affect users or which conditions might be best treated by a particular product.

Terpene Profile
Sample Terpene Profile from MCR Labs Testing Report

Below are some of the key terpenes believed to contribute to the average effects produced during cannabis consumption.

NOTE: The science and research around how these substances interact within the body is still limited and there are many variables that contribute to how each unique individual will experience the effect of cannabis consumption.
  • Aromas: musk, cloves, herb, citrus
  • Potential Effects: sedative, relaxation, enhanced THC psychoactivity
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  • Aromas: pepper, wood, spice
  • Potential Effects: undetermined
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  • Aromas: floral, citrus, spice
  • Potential Effects: sedative, calming
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  • Aromas: sweet, pine, sage
  • Potential Effects: memory retention, alertness
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  • Aromas: wood, earth
  • Potential Effects: appetite suppression
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  • Aromas: citrus, lemon, orange
  • Potential Effects: mood elevation, stress relief
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