Different strains of marijuana have different levels of each cannabinoid, allowing patients and doctors to select a strain of marijuana with a cannabinoid profile that will best treat a patient’s symptoms. There are two main subspecies of cannabis, Sativa and Indica. There are also hybrids and Ruderalis.


  • Tall with long, thin leaves
  • Produce very potent buds with a high level of THC
  • More THC than CBD
  • Energetic high
  • Used to treat depression, migraines, chronic fatigue, appetite stimulation, nausea
  • Pure Sativa can cause panic attacks; hence the hybrids
  • Mental clarity

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  • Shorter plants, bushier leaves
  • Thought to produce more CBD than sativa. We have not seen a correlation.
  • Drowsy effect; feeling of serenity
  • Treats anxiety, insomnia, muscle spasms, tremors, chronic pain

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  • Combining effects of Sativa and Indica can lead to targeted products.
  • Sativa-dominant hybrids: Head high with relaxing body feel
  • 50-50 hybrids: Balance of the two strains, providing a balanced approach
  • Indica-dominant hybrids: full-body pain relief, with a head high effect. Best for insomnia relief

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  • New strain, with developing research
  • Lower THC levels
  • High amounts of CBD

What’s in a name? Nature vs Nurture: Genetics provide potential. Growers maximize it.

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