Those of you following MCR Labs tested products page know me as Always Green and I’m a grower. I’ve been growing cannabis for over three years and have had some really good, and some not so good grows. I became aware that most other professionals are starting to use analytics to improve what they do, so I went to MCR labs to do the same.

My thought was that I would bring my buds to MCR Labs, they would test them and give me the cannabinoid profiles. I would analyze the results with them, and change different parts of my grow method to improve my grow results.

Measure, analyze, optimize
seems like a smart approach

I used my Crippy bud, for which I got the seed from Puerto Rico.  Three days after I brought my sample to MCR Labs, I got my report back which showed 15.9% Max THC which is about what I expected. This was the full report:

hayabusa 159
I wanted to change the lightbulb from a Plantmax to an EYE Hortilux lamp and add a dehumidifier to see if that would help to increase yield and potency

After the following grow, I brought in the Crippy buds to MCR Labs to have them tested again. The results were much better, so I knew this was a good change / add on. This was the report from the second test:

hayabusa 18

I knew I could get it better, so I decided to change the containers from plastic to fabric smart pots, I also added  bat guano, seabird guano, and, worm casting  to the fox farm’s Ocean Forest mix.  After the following grow, I brought back the Crippy sample to MCR Labs to have them tested once again. The results were a lot better, so I knew this was the right approach. This was the report from the third test:

hayabusa final

I recommend all serious growers to adopt this approach: Measure.  Analyze. Optimize.

Establish a baseline to see where you are at with something you are hoping to improve such as potency.  Research ways to potentially improve your grow.  Implement those changes and measure the results.  Repeat this cycle, adopting what works, discarding what doesn’t, continuing the process until goals are achieved.

Then share the knowledge so other people know what changes worked for you, tips on lights, nutrients, etc., but more importantly the scientific approach to mastering your craft and optimizing your grow.