Improving potency with analytics

I became aware that most other professionals are starting to use analytics to improve what they do, so I went to MCR labs to do the same.

My thought was that I would bring my buds to MCR Labs, they would test them and give me the cannabinoid profiles. I would analyze the results with them, and change different parts of my grow method to improve my grow results.

4 steps to getting properly baked

Unfortunately, the level of precision in dosing remains elusive for most cannabis treatments, especially those made by patients at home. Those familiar with cannabis and in the know about one of its most wonderful attributes (there is no lethal dose!) understand that over-consuming doesn’t carry the dangers present with other pharmaceuticals.

Marijuana in Olympic Weightlifting

I’ve been a weightlifter for 10 years, seven of which I spent competing at the national level. Our training consists of daily workouts (sometimes twice a day), for …

We tested reclaim, and this is what we found.

Not too long ago, our illustrious Director of Methodology, Scott Churchill, decided to see what was in the resin collecting in his …

What’s in the stems?

We have all heard the rumors regarding marijuana stems. Some say they do not contain any cannabinoids, some say they do. We decided to investigate. We took three very different …