Decarboxylation Talk

On May 18th, 2016, MCR Labs hosted an event dedicated to the science and nuances of decarboxylation. We invited members of the local cannabis community, and experts on decarboxylation to discuss and demonstrate what works, and what doesn’t, when converting THCa into THC.

Michael Kahn answering questions on decarboxylation


Experts included:
Jon Wani, resident expert on cannabis
Shanel Lindsay, Founder and President of Ardent
Michael Kahn, Founder and President of MCR Labs

Shanel Lindsay’s slides can be found here.
Michael Kahn’s slides can be found here.
Jon Wani’s decaboxylation experiment results can be found here:
Concentrate before decarboxylation
Concentrate headed on ‘cooler plate‘ (at around 270 degrees)
Concentrate headed on ‘hotter plate‘ (at around 270 degrees)

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April’s Cannabis Talk can be found here: TerpTalk.

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  1. Warren Bobrow 06/05/2016, 1:46 pm Reply

    it’s amazing how much flack I get for even suggesting that the user decarbs.. First of all they have no idea what decarbing means AT ALL…

  2. [hydrocarbon] 11/03/2016, 5:54 am Reply

    What amount of time was heat applied to the two samples? I can’t find mention of it on here or on the YouTube link

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